World’s Finest: EDITION SOLD OUT

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CP1362_-World Finest.jpg
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World’s Finest: EDITION SOLD OUT


Artist: Alex Ross

 Item Number: CP1362D

  • Gicleé on Canvas
  • Edition Size: 100
  • Image Size: 35 3/4″ x 20 1/2″
  • Signed by: Alex Ross



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Although they thwart crime in different cities – the grim, crime-ridden street of Gotham City and the sunny skies of Metropolis – together, Batman and Superman form a virtually unbeatable crime fighting team. Now, the Man of Steel and the Dark Knight are together again as the

World’s Finest, portrayed by award-winning painter Alex Ross.

This unique vision of the relationship of the world’s finest crime fighters, Batman and Superman – with dramatic composition, lighting and subject matter – was rendered by Alex Ross in his trademark realistic style. Alex Ross is one of the most acclaimed painters working in comics today, adding a new dimension to the exciting, graphic world of comic book art. Great care was taken in reproducing the original Superman and Batman: World’s Finest painting by utilizing the Giclee printing process. Upon completion of the edition, all digital files used in the production were archived. Superman and Batman: World’s Finest was originally released as a Giclee’ on paper in an edition of 350 in 1999. This Giclee’ on Canvas is in an edition of 100 and is hand signed by Alex Ross.