Captain America #34

MAC0023-Captian America #34- Alex Ross.jpg
MAC0023-Captian America #34- Alex Ross.jpg
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Captain America #34


ARTIST:  Alex Ross

# OF CHARACTERS  Captain America

ITEM # MAC0023

EDITION SIZE : 100 AP25 PP25 EP25 GS10

CANVAS SIZE:  17" W x 25 1/2" H

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  • In January, 2008, Marvel Comics introduced the world to a new Captain America in a powerful and surprising story written by Ed Brubaker

  • Captain America #34 is the first appearance of the new Captain America, Bucky Barnes, in his new costume designed by Alex Ross.

  • Captain America was created in 1941 by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby, and over the

  • years, has sold an estimated 210 million copies of the "Captain America" comics in over 75 countries.

  • His patriotic adventures continue to make him one of the most popular heroes of our day.

  • This artwork was created in a limited edition as a gicleé print with archival inks on premium canvas.

  • Each piece of the edition has been numbered and is signed by Alex Ross.