Secret Wars

MFA009-Secret Wars- Alex Ross.jpg
MFA009-Secret Wars- Alex Ross.jpg

Secret Wars


ARTIST:    Alex Ross

# of Characters 16; Cyclops, Wasp, Capt America, Wolverine, Rogue , Hawkeye, The Thing, Colossus, She Hulk, Night Crawler, Iron Man, Hulk, Aurora, Storm, Spider-Man, Human Torch 

ITEM # MFA0009

Edition Size            100/25/25/25/10           

 IMAGE SIZE:          32” H x 21.5”W 
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  • ALEX ROSS is acclaimed as one of the leading illustrators in comic art today. His realistic, human depictions of classic comic book characters for Marvel and DC Comics has cemented his position in the pantheon of comic book and contemporary pop culture illustrators.

  • “Secret Wars” is a recreated cover by Alex Ross. The original cover was done by Mike Zeck in 1984. The Secret Wars comic was a ground-breaking mini-series from Marvel that brought all of Earth-616's greatest heroes together to battle with the worst villains under the watchful eye of the Beyonder. In an effort to better understand the concept desire, the omnipotent Beyonder spirits many of Earth's greatest heroes and villains to do battle on the Battleworld, a planet created from fragments of many different worlds throughout the galaxy, with the winners receiving their hearts desire.

  • “Secret Wars” is a fine art giclee print on canvas.

  • Each piece is hand signed by Alex Ross.

  • An edition of 10 pieces numbered 1/10-10/10 called “The Gold Standard Edition”