I Am Iron Man

MFA0006-I Am IronMan- Lawernce Reynolds.jpg
MFA0006-I Am IronMan- Lawernce Reynolds.jpg

I Am Iron Man


ARTIST:    Lawrence Reynolds

# of Characters  1; Iron Man

ITEM # MFA0006 

Edition Size            50/15/15/15/5           

 IMAGE SIZE:          22” H x 17 1/4”W 
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  • “I Am Iron Man” was created by  acclaimed illustrator Lawrence Reynolds. Reynolds served as Art Director for Hasbro for many      years. His credits include Lucasfilm,      Marvel Comics, Topps Trading Cards, Rittenhouse Archives, DC Comics, Major      League Baseball, Transformer: Dark of the Moon, and Upper Deck.
  • Reynolds is known for his stunning  photo realistic depictions and the ability to capture the smallest details in his paintings.
  • “I Am Iron Man” is created as a fine art giclee print on canvas, the entire edition is hand-signed and      hand-remarqued by the artist, which truly makes each piece a one of a kind work.
  • An edition of 5 pieces numbered 1/5-5/5 called “The Gold Standard Edition.”