Origins: Spider-Man Amazing Spider-Man #1

MFA0015-Origins Spider-Man Amazing Spider-Man #1- Stan Lee.jpg
MFA0015-Origins Spider-Man Amazing Spider-Man #1- Stan Lee.jpg

Origins: Spider-Man Amazing Spider-Man #1


ARTIST:  Cover by Jack Kirby
Signed by: Editor Stan Lee

# OF CHARACTERS 5: Spider-Man (Peter Parker), Johnny Storm (The Human Torch), Ben Grimm (The Thing), Sue Storm (Invisible Woman), Reed Richards (Mr. Fantastic)

ITEM # MFA0015 

Release Date         April 30, 2013

Edition Size            50/15/15/15/5             

IMAGE SIZE:           30” H x 20”  W 

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  • “Origins: Spider-Man Amazing Spider-Man #1” celebrates the first appearance of Spider-Man in his own comic. Created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko, Spider-Man first appeared in Amazing Fantasy # 15 in August 1962. Due to his popularity, Spider-Man got his own comic in March 1963, Amazing Spider-Man #1.

  • “Origins: Spider-Man Amazing Spider-Man #1” continues the series of first appearance covers of fine art giclee prints on canvas by MARVEL Fine Art. Customers purchasing this artwork will have the opportunity to reserve the same edition number in each of the series upon release. Contact Michelle to reserve your number.

  • Each piece is hand-signed by Stan Lee.

  • An edition of 5 pieces numbered 1/5-5/5 called “The Gold Standard Edition, are available.” These pieces have 24k gold and silver palladium embellishments.