MFA0007-Rise SilverSurfer- Gabrielle Dell Otto.jpg
MFA0007-Rise SilverSurfer- Gabrielle Dell Otto.jpg



ARTIST:    Gabriele Dell’ Otto

# of Characters  1; Silver Surfer

ITEM # MFA0007

Edition Size            50/15/15/15/5           

 IMAGE SIZE:          27” H x 18”W 
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  • “Rise” was created by critically acclaimed Italian based illustrator, designer, and cover artist, Gabriele Dell' Otto. Dell’ Otto first started collaborating with the European division of Marvel Comics producing covers, posters and lithographs for Italy, France and Germany and then later with DC Comics. Joe Quesada, editor-in-chief of Marvel Comics, was impressed with Dell’ Otto’s abilities and assigned him to the Secret Wars mini-series, written by Brian Michael Bendis. Dell’ Otto went on to provide covers for the miniseries Annihilation from which “Rise” is taken. In 2007 he published the illustrated book Tales. and was the artist of the X-Force mini-series Sex and Violence, written by Craig Kyle and Christopher Yost.

  • Fans liken his expressive and painterly style to that of Alex Ross.

  • “Rise” is a fine art giclee print on canvas and each piece is hand signed by the artist.

  • An edition of 5 pieces numbered 1/5-5/5 called “The Gold Standard Edition.”