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ARTIST:  Marko Djurdjevic

# OF CHARACTERS 6; Red Hulk, Red She Hulk (Betty Ross), She Hulk (Lyra), Skaar, Hulk, She Hulk (Jennifer Waters)

ITEM # MFA0001 

Release Date         April 30, 2013

Edition Size            25/5/5/5/5

IMAGE SIZE:           20.6” H x 28”W 

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  • “SMASH” was created by Marko     Djurdjevic, German illustrator and concept artists known for his character     designs. Djurdjevic’s ability     to draw without using reference materials, has amazed fans and     industry professionals alike. His sleekly stylized figure work and     masterful command of colors made him one of Marvel Comics most compelling     and most popular cover artists.
  • Djurdjevic credits include 5 years at Marvel where he worked     on titles: “Amazing Spider-Man,”     “Avengers: The Children Crusade,” “Captain America,” “Daredevil,” “Thor,”     “Dark Reign,” “Ultimate Hulk,” “Wolverine,” and “Civil War.”
  • “SMASH” is a fine art giclee print     on canvas taken from the Marvel     Comic Series, “The Fall of the Hulks.” In this series battle lines are     drawn and the She Hulks must decide where their loyalties lie.
  • Each     piece is hand signed and remarqued by the artist.
  • An     edition of 5 pieces numbered 1/5-5/5 called “The Gold Standard Edition.”