Radioactive Man

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SG27XL- Radioactive Man.jpg

Radioactive Man


Item Number: SG27

•    Giclee on Paper
•    100 piece edition
•    Measurements:  16 inches by 24 inches
•    Available framed
•    Hand-numbered, comes with Certificate of Authenticity
•    Price: $250.00

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Radioactive Man the Movie was a movie fraught with difficulties when filming in Springfield, eventually closing due to budget overruns and other issues.  Action hero Rainer Wolfcastle was the titular hero and Milhouse Van Houten successfully beat out his best friend, Bart Simpsons to play the role of Radioactive Man's sidekick Fallout Boy.  During the filming, Milhouse snapped under the pressure and refuse to continue filming the movie, in part causing the downfall of the film.