The Garden of Springfield

SS03XL- Garden of Springfield.jpg
SS03XL- Garden of Springfield.jpg

The Garden of Springfield


Item Number: SS03

•    Limited Edition Sericel 
•    1200 piece unnumbered edition
•    Measurements:  10 inches by 12 1/2 inches   
•    Available framed
•    Comes with Certificate of Authenticity
•    Price: $150.00




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Mmmm..donut!  This limited edition sericel depicts the tempatation of Homer by the snake (represented here by Montgomery Burns in a past life regression) with the forbidden donut.  Marge looks on in horror as do angelic Bart, Lisa and Maggie (still just a twinkle in their parents' eyes) nestled atop the donut tree.  And the beast, Santa's Lil' Helper (with Homer's rib) and Snowball, round out this memorable scene.