Gotham Knight BW AR0123.jpg
Gotham Knight BW AR0123.jpg



Artist: Alex Ross

Item Number: AR0147DL

  • Fine Art Giclee Print on Paper

  • Edition Size: 150 REG/25AP/25PP/25EP

  • Print Size: 13" x 17"

  • Signed by: Alex Ross

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“Gotham Knightis an illustration by Alex Ross portraying Batman in a more minimalistic style. This black and white rendering gives us a look into the creative process of Alex Ross. Each image is laid down in shades of black and white prior to his going to final color allowing Ross to work out his composition as well as areas for highlights. Beautiful in their own right, these black and white depictions are a part of a new series of prints showcasing this phase of Alex Ross’ artistic methodology.

  • Each print is signed by Alex Ross and is elegantly presented with hand-deckled edges creating the ultimate presentation.