Annick Biaudet

Annick Biaudet, artist, director, and designer is an international treasure. Many all over the world are fans of her vivid, energetic, beautiful pieces. From her native home of Paris to  bustling streets of Tokyo, her work is celebrated by all who crave for the Golden Era animation style in the works of Disney. Besides her skill with a paintbrush, Annick has done advertising design work with companies such as Estee Lauder, Mercedes Benz and Clinique, afterwards going on to work on the Steven Spielbergs’ animated movie “Balto”. She was also co-art director on the series Oggy and The Cockroaches, eventually becoming the dubbing manager at Nelvana LTD/Corus Entertainment inc. on shows that include Berenstein Bears, Fairly Oddparents and Cyberchase. As you can see, her portfolio is as extensive as her skillset.