Justice AR0122.jpg
Justice AR0122.jpg



Artist: Alex Ross

 Item Number: AR0122C

  • Gicleé on Fine Art Canvas

  • Edition Size: 250

  • Image Size: 18 1/2″ x 14 1/2″

  • Signed by: Alex Ross

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“Justice” is the striking cover painted by Alex Ross for the comic, Justice. Led by Lex Luthor and Brainiac the villains of the Legion of Doom band together to save the world after a shared dream that seems to be a vision of the Earth’s demise. As their true motives unfold the Justice League of America confronts the Legion and the two teams do battle.

  • Featured in the image are Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Flash, Green Lantern, Aquaman, Green Arrow, Martian Manhunter, Red Tornado, Hawkman, Plastic Man Braniac, Cheetah, Scarecrow, Captain Cold, Sinestro, Bizzaro, Clayface, Poison Ivy, Black Manta, The Riddler, Solomon Grundy, and Toy Man.

Each print is signed by Alex Ross